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Memories matter and attention to detail defines us. For  nearly a decade, the Aviant Event’s team of professionals have been elevating the unforgettable moments across the Valley.  Our event coordinating experts originality,  diligent attention to detail and resourcefulness will assure you of marvelous, well-planned affair.

“detail and flawless orchestration—from concept to completion”

Khan is the founder and lead designer of Aviant Events, the go-to event company specializing in designing and installing private events Arizona wide. Known for her originality, innovativeness and progressive design view, Rabia is a transformer of spaces; making your evening an unforgettable one.
Rabia KHAN


Find out how we can help you enjoy the most beautiful and intimate moments. Aviant Events provides both commercial and residential clients with an unmatched selection of quality equipment rentals at a price that fits every budget.

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